Excerpt from my book growing up in post dictatorial Spain as the only black person until the age of 13.

I feel both saddened and outraged at the senseless death and brutality that has occurred in the past days.  My feeling is not attached to culture, history, or politics but rather simply to the values of human decency and sanctity of life.

Similarly to the Covid-19 situation, I am looking within to see clearly how it makes me feel without being reactive, biased or swayed by the avalanche in social media.

I’m black and no stranger to racism.  I’m not American however, and so my story is radically different from that of Black Americans.

I don’t have the answers.  I have much to learn still.  I would like to open the conversation and find radical yet peaceful solutions to this matter.

One thing I know with absolute certainty is that I desire a world of solidarity in which each of us is safe and honored regardless of the color of our skin.  I believe we all can agree on that vision.

In honor of the spirit of peaceful and positive change for a better, more loving and compassionate world, I invite you to join me tomorrow for the “We Shall Overcome” live music event.

In this event, I want to not only join together in solidarity, but also, honor George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all those who suffered and are suffering due to racism.  I chose the title “We Shall Overcome” in memory of the late Martin Luther King who brought such transformation to this amazing country I love so much.

We Shall Overcome

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