Hi Friends! Today in “Time Travel Tuesdays with Victoria Vives​”, I would like to know your perspective.

The video that I am supposed to share today has had a couple of interesting comments in relation to the clothing I was wearing. Even though the rest of the comments have been very kind and focusing on my message, I grew a bit concerned about sharing it because I want to make sure that my of love, healing and Oneness message is clear.

To me, this is a very special video because I created it with great love and the desire to join with our ONE family. However, I used to put a “schedule” on myself to create a video per week with very specific chromotherapy in it and, many times, it was an adventure to redecorate my room, find clothing in the right color… so I used to barely meet the deadline.

In this video, I needed a very specific green and I only found one top that I handmade long ago and didn’t wear in years. It was the exact color I needed! I didn’t give it much thought and recorded, but when I uploaded the video to my computer, I realized that my clothing didn’t look as I expected because of the top being too revealing, but I didn’t have time to shoot again, so I improvised by putting a shinning light on top of the top.

Despite the couple of critiques I received, which I respect, I feel it is important to distinguish between two things:

* Clothing
* Use of energy

To share a little bit of background, I used to work in television and I found out that I was missing something for me to stay hired in the shows. This something was… acting with confidence and sensuality or being sexy. Once I added that to the mix, I worked in television and Hollywood for years (that’s “The Matrix” for you).

However, when I became more aware of energy and I realized that being sensual or sexy also meant using one’s sexual power, I realized that this is something sacred and powerful to be respected because it can influence people greatly. So I started reinventing myself again without using that kind of energy.

This created a lot of challenges in my life and for a while I dressed up as if I was an conservative old lady (still learning to balance this energy). The thought of deleting all my previous pictures and videos from internet crossed my mind, but my Guides recommended to look at things beyond right or wrong, from a place of unconditional love. Then I realized that there were spiritual teachers using sexual energy, sometimes on purpose, so even though their teachings were great, I felt there was manipulation, so I felt less called to them.

Summarizing… yes, in this video my top looks in a certain way, and yet, I know 100% that my energy and intention are those of SHARING BLISS, HEALING, LOVE and HARMONY and not seduction. I understand our conditioning may put both “clothing” and “intention” together, so if anyone feels concern, please know that it wasn’t my intention and my desire was to contribute to our healing. So here you have it, going back in time in Time Travel Tuesdays with Victoria Vives to share Sacred Frequencies with you.


Let me know your thoughts!


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