Hi Friends. I intend to live up to the meaning of my spiritual names!!!!

1) My Spiritual Name in Kundalini Yoga is HAR BHAGTI KAUR, the creative, prosperous and kind Princess/Lioness who is devoted to serving God in all throughout her life.

HAR is a Name of God whose vibration brings kindness, creativity and spiritual prosperity into one’s life.

BHAGTI means Devotion.

KAUR The Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life.

MEANING: I devotionally serve God in all through the creative power of kindness and prosperity. The minds and hearts of those around me are enriched and prosper by the depth of my compassionate service and spiritual ingenuity.

2) My Spiritual Name in the Zulu tradition (one of my Shamanic Lineages) is NOSIPHOKAZI, which means “the biggest gift of all, she is the gift of all the gifts”.

* * My “normal” name, Victoria Vives Khuong, means “Victory Lives Health”. My maiden name was M. Victoria Vives Vila. M stands for Maria/Mary which is giving to some women and I now recognize as a representation of the Divine Feminine (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene…) and Vila means “Will, desire, protection, village”.

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