Hi Beautiful Friend! In this National Radio Interview with Greg Friedman at Laguna Beach Radio, I answer a question about Spiritual Self-Defense.

Excerpts from another interview with Greg Friedman:

Shamanism, Divine Sexuality, Christed Consciousness https://youtu.be/Vjg_b2tFYSI
Spiritual WARRIOR and Surrendering https://youtu.be/hQoqcpTJQJU
Near DEATH Experience and SOUL Retrieval https://youtu.be/mJI0QR6m5sI
NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE https://youtu.be/HvwzvUZHSSw
KUNDALINI Awakening & THIRD EYE Opening https://youtu.be/aW9Lk-qZsNw
RACISM and Discrimination https://youtu.be/AHYUkFihQQM
SOUL CONTRACTS https://youtu.be/Duf9_52qsIs

Inner Journey with Greg Friedman: https://www.kxfmradio.org/shows/inner-journey

Sending much love your way!!

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