Victoria Vives - New Moon in Cancer with Total Solar EclipseBOOK DAY 59: Hi Beautiful Soul! Today, we have a New Moon in Cancer with a TOTAL Solar Eclipse! 🌑

Are you or anyone you know a Cancer sign? My rising is Cancer and I can tell you that it is a very emotional and motherly sign, relationships are of great importance to us.

However, I did not understand this until I softened the outer layers of my being. Well, softened is an understatement, they were actually torn down to pieces. I share more about this in my upcoming book “In a Matter of Seconds”.

By the way, to learn more about the energies of the moon today helping healing the inner child, you can check today’s post at Crystal Healer 💎

Best Wishes in your Moon Manifesting Magic ✨

New Moon in Cancer with Total Solar Eclipse at 12:16 pm Pacific Time.