Transform the Warrior Burning Within YouBOOK DAY 90: Last night, I shared about my darker past. Continuing on that note, earlier this year I had a group of haters bullying me due to a break up. They did not even know me or the whole story, but they were taking sides with their friend. It does not cease to amaze me how some people tend to think they’re so badass or even righteous and decide to bully others without even knowing who they’re dealing with.

Just because I choose peace, love and healing, and I chose to stayed peaceful, polite and gentle with them throughout the process, it does not mean that I am a fluffy softie that knows nothing about the opposite. On the contrary. It was just a choice in order to act in accordance to what rings true to me thanks to experience and having been surrounded by the opposite in the past.

Thanks to that, I can now choose wisely without reacting to mindless acts. You too can transform the warrior burning within you, in a sort of inner alchemy, so that all that strength can now go toward serving all of life and contributing to a greater purpose, with love and gentleness. Don’t reject that power and instead, look forward to master it to use it for good! Oh, and don’t mess with the wrong people, lol! 😜

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