Discovering the Unexplored Edges in Your Life BOOK DAY 91: I know, sometimes it does feel that way, truly freaking out through the trials of life, but trust me, when things become tough, stay strong and it will all be worth it. Stay aware of what the situation is pushing you toward, what are the unexplored edges that you are now discovering or polishing?

For example, long ago while living alone in Hollywood, a martial arts “friend” swept me during a fight choreography segment and injured my ankle saying that I was not taking it seriously, like giving me a lesson. I still did not recover the full flexibility of that ankle.

At that time I was so alone with all my family in Spain and barely getting by here on my own that I felt miserable and I nearly decided to go back to Spain. Since I could barely move around and I did not have anyone to take care of me at that time, I had to learn how to leverage the movement and dynamics of the rest of my body to aid me in performing everyday tasks and gigs.

After I healed, that wisdom stayed with me giving me greater agility and leverage of energy when I move. How cool is that? I share much more in “In a Matter of Seconds”, have you grabbed your copy yet? ✨

So let’s enjoy the journey, shall we?

Love ya!


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