Remain a mystery.
Remain unknowable.
The life within you is the same one that makes up stars and constellations. 

Refuse to be contained in a box, on a label, in a concept.
Remain indescribable.

Most often, we debate the truth of our worth.
Most often, the mind cannot grasp our infinite glory.
Most often, we are distracted away from our magnificence by day to day “obligations” that blind us from the gut of our true nature and the sight of wisdom that perhaps our great great great grandmothers and great great great grandfathers knew when they were not submerged in a soup of data, digital realities and technology.

Most often, in a breath, we inhale the universe and fail to see its epic glow we just contain it in a mundane thought in order to make sense of the traffic light in front of us or the billboard selling us a premature death of the senses, a fake paramount or an innovative discovery promising to make our lives better, when only the mother is missing in our lives…

How can we go back to the mother?
She is still breathing beneath the asphalt despite the cement.
How can we feel part of her once again?
My heart cries this question every day and night.
What have we done and is there an undoing?

How can each of us can restore that sharpness in our psyche to distinguish the fake from the true and stop selling our lives to the illusion of constructed worlds that suck life away from what matters to create the newest most durable plastic ever seen yet that will corrode us at a cellular level before we even know it.

Yes, I do appreciate our global mind evolution extending our edge into a creation that we could not dream of just a century ago.
At the same time, where is the space for sovereignty, love, respect and reverence to nature and for all peoples whether plant, rock or animal?
Where is our place with this, our family?
What a great sadness not to rejoice with these, our relatives, and to have come to see their wildness as something foreign to the human race.

Did we have to choose between civilization and our very part in nature?
Can we balance the scales and be a whole human with all that it entails?
How would our cities, our technologies, our lives, even our beingness transform if imbued and powered by the forces of nature?

I dare myself…  better yet, I dare humanity to live in our technological excellence but acknowledging that the exquisite power of nature is the truth pulsing at the core of it all.

Copyright © 2017

Victoria Vives Khuong


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