Oh-My-God!  This man is powerful!  Discover the true meaning of a real Superhero – in flesh and bone.  Michael Dyer is an Experiential Educational Facilitator at Agape and Fulcrum Adventures.

For this particular interview I had to focus in Fulcrum Adventures, since it is SO EXCITING!!!!  In the video below you will discover:

  • How you can start being a Superhero right NOW!
  • How a thrilling adventure can change your life FOREVER!
  • What you’re REALLY worth
  • What it takes to be BullyProof

You can enjoy these interviews in three different formats: video, audio and text. Take your pick…  And whatever you choose, make sure to see the exciting Fulcrum images in the video!

Do you prefer to read or listen instead of watching a video? Use the links below for plain text or audio:

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In the picture below, I am about to give the Superhero Cookies to Michael.

You, me and everyone, use certain things to focus our minds in a certain way, whether we are aware of it or not, and our body can’t do anything but respond to that powerful suggestion or belief.

When people ask me how I keep myself fit, I just can say that there is no cookie (as in The Matrix – there is no spoon) there is only you and what your mind makes out of everything!  So I eat LOTS OF COOKIES!  That’s my diet ^_^

 Victoria Vives Khuong -Michael Dyer Superhero

In that way Superhero Cookies, are like the red pill in The Matrix.  It is accepting that our minds are more powerful that the content in a cookie.  So many years of humanity thinking of cookies as fattening, made them so.  Same with so many other things, but you choose what your outcome from eating them will be!  For me it is enjoyment ^_^

If a diet helps you focusing in your desired outcome… DO IT!  If exercising helps you focusing in what you want… DO IT!  Do whatever helps you to achieve ANY GOAL you want in life ^_^  All the cells in your body and even your surroundings will respond to it 😉


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