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Victoria: Hi! This is Victoria Vives, and this is Unleash The Superhero In You – Q&A, a series of interviews especially designed to back you up in your Superhero journey.

And today we have here Michael Dyer!  He is an Experiential Educational Facilitator at Agape and Fulcrum Adventures, helping people understand themselves better, to reach their full potential.  Awesome!  Michael, thank you for being here today.

Michael: Thank you Victoria for inviting me.  I really love what you are doing with the Superhero, so it is a pleasure to be here.

Victoria: Oh, thank you so much.  I would like for you to describe what Fulcrum Adventures is.

Michael: Well, Fulcrum is an Experiential Educational Facility.  What we do is team build, and we have a rope course…  I don’t know if a lot of people know what a rope course is, but a rope course is where we have like a 50 feet climbing wall, we have a pole which is about 40 feet tall, it is in the ground and people climb up, stand on top of the pole and then jump for a bell or for a goal .


So what happens with that experiential education or rope course is using the rope course as a metaphor for your life.  Being a Superhero is like Superman begin to realize his powers at the beginning.  So the rope course brings out that part of the person who want to overcome their fears and doubts, and being high up in the air is kind of scary, you know, so we provide a team building or a self-discovery opportunity for people.


Victoria: That’s amazing, seriously, I’ve seen the videos and that’s why I really wanted to interview you.  I think it’s amazing, really powerful and, you know, meaningful…  I really love it.

Michael: Thank you, thank you, it is pretty powerful.

Victoria: How did Fulcrum Adventures start and how did get started?

Michael: Well, Fulcrum have been around since 1991.  And there was a lady, her name was Leslie Bourne, she was addicted to alcohol, and she went to a rope course and she got on a leap of faith, of the power of pole.

And she jumped for the ring, and when she jumped she made a declaration that she will never drink again, and she jumped and she grabbed the ring, and that day forth she never had another drink and she started this company.

So her life is an expression about being a Superhero, that she was addicted to something and she overcame that addiction and she started the company.

Victoria: Wow…  That’s amazing!  Pretty impressive

Michael: And how I started, they found me about 5 years ago, I am a mentor at Agape International Church, and what happened is that we took a bunch of kids out to the rope course to team build and build the courage, and the guide there saw me working with the kids and he said “Hey, we love what you’re doing, would you come and check out our company?”.

So I did and that’s how he found me, from me doing that kind of work, because I’ve been doing it for a while, but it was great to find a company that was doing it, because I really truly believe, you know, you can talk about stuff, you can talk about how to ride a bike, everybody say take a class, how do I ride a bike?  But until you get on the bike, you don’t know how to ride.

You can talk about being a Superhero, but until you get out there, you don’t realize the potential you have as a Superhero.  You understand what I mean?

 ictoria: Absolutely.  Why did you choose Fulcrum Adventures instead any other resources?  How is it special and also how do YOU make it special?  You know, what do you bring to it?

Michael: Oh wow!  Why did I choose them?  I chose them because they were doing something…  I used to work at a correctional facility with young kids who’d been locked up and I was always looking for something to get the kids out there so that they can begin to build their confidence.

And with Fulcrum, what I do is I facilitate people in a way that they are getting chance not talking about, you know, how to overcome their fears, or setting goals… they see what it takes in order to overcome their goals.

And for me, I believe that anybody that put the mind to it whoever begin to put it practice.  And it is practice.  In the rope course you give them an opportunity to practice: practice being courageous, practice focusing their minds.

You know, you as a martial artist, you know about focus.  You know what it takes and what to do, because if somebody can control their thoughts, or their mind, they can control their body.



So Fulcrum can give you an opportunity where is really safe, I mean even though you are climbing a 50 feet climbing wall, you are safe.  We have a harness on you, we have a rope that holds 8,000 lbs.  We have cables that holds like 16,000 lbs., so you are very very safe.

So even though you know this, you still have that nervous feeling, I mean you are looking down you say “Oh my God, I’m going to fall”.  So you get a chance to think about, do I focus on the ground or do I focus on my goal?


And that’s, I believe, as a Superhero, as anybody begins “Do I focus on the doubt or fear, or do I focus on where I want to go”?  You have to say where you want to go, you know?  That’s what got me into it, because it is really something that myself needed to practice.

 Victoria: And how do you make it different?

Michael: How do I make a difference?  In people’s life?  Well, first of all, I see everybody as being a mirror reflection of me.  I grew up, no mother no father, I was a little kid that was get picked on all the time when I was a kid, always fighting as a kid.


At one point a kid ran me home these boys ran me home and growing up on a projects, I realize that there’s something I had to deal with, because I had this you know and I remember one time, that these boys ran me home, and I went home and got a knife, and I came back out to defend myself.

I realize that moment, that, wow,  fear, you know, that I had this amazing fear that was causing me to hurt somebody like that, and I realized that I didn’t want to live my life like that, so I begun to really look at where this fear come from, you know?

Because those little boys at the same time even though they were bullies or whatever, it was like, I needed to stand up for myself but in a different way.

So what I do now is to work with kids who are afraid or who felt doubt.  My thing is to help them to see their full potential, help them recognize who they are for real.

Now a lot of times kids who grew up in a project like myself, we don’t know, we are valuable, so my thing is to help these kids, this person or adult to see that you are very valuable, that you have something very valuable to offer to the world. And once somebody sees that they are valuable, then they make different choices.

 You know,  I had a kid working at a correctional facility, he was about fifteen years old, I asked him “How much money you want to make a year?”, he said “Four thousand dollars”.  Because he had no concept of value of money.

So if you got a kid think that four thousand dollars a year will make them happy or can buy anything, unless you know that they are operating at a very level of that knowing.  So it is about letting him know that he deserves more.

I help people to see the Superhero that is in them if they are ready, some people are not ready.  For those who are ready my objective is to help you see your full potential, that you have within you, like you say a lot of times, the Superhero is in you, it is there.  It is the Superman.  It is there, just don’t know it.

It reminds me of a story.  Can I tell you a story really quick?


Victoria: Sure

Michael: The story is about a baby eagle lost his way and fell into a chicken coop, and all the chickens around in some kind of way the mother chicken took him in.

So the eagle thought I’m a chicken,  who is acting like a chicken, and all the other chickens making fun “You look funny, you’re a funny looking chicken”.  He would feel all sad and depressed.

And one day he was feeling sad and depressed, I’m a chicken I’m a chicken, and this eagle come by, kind of  “What are you doing in this chicken cool?  He said “I’m a chicken!”.  He said “No, you’re an eagle!”.  “An eagle?  What’s an eagle?  I always wanted to fly like an eagle but I’m not an eagle, I’m a chicken”.  He said “You are an eagle”.

He took him on his wings and took him up and at that point he realized that he was an eagle.  And so my thing is that everyone can realize that they are an eagle, they are a Superhero, they are powerful.  They have this potential to be, do, and have anything they want, and so that is my mission in life.

Victoria: Awesome!  Wow!  Very good, thank you for sharing it.

Michael: Well, thank you for asking me.

 Victoria: I would like to know what is the best advice that you were given and that you still remember that turned your life in the right direction.

Michael: Hmm…  the best advice that I have been given… You know what?  I read this book that is called the “A Course of Miracles”.  You may never have heard of it, but it is an interesting book.

What it said to me is that “What is real cannot be threaten.  What is not real does not exist.  Herein lies the peace of God”.  As I begun to realize what is real, the real me, and that is the part of me that is spiritual, that’s the part of me that is what you call the Superhero.  Not the physical part but the part of me that nothing can touch.  It could be my mind, my heart, my soul.

So the advice that I was given is that I am, that is my true identity, like the Superhero.  The advice that I was given is that I begun to live my life from that point of view.  To live my life as though I already have that thing.  To live my life even though I don’t feel I am a Superhero, but live my life walking with my head up.  Begin to talk with a confidence.

And as I begin to talk like a hero, walk like a hero, then my soul, my being began to believe that I AM a hero.  Because my mind tells me “You are walking like a hero, you are standing like a hero, then you must BE a hero!

So that is the best advice that I was given too, to act as if.  Act as if I am already there.   Act as if I am already making the money that I want to make.  Act as if I already have that loved one if I am looking for a soul mate.

Act as if I already have that, I am already joyful, and as I begin to act like it, pretend like it… it may be difficult, because you say, well, I’m pretending, I’m pretending, but if I begin to do it long enough, the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is out there and what is in here.  You know?  The best advice.

Victoria: Absolutely.  And what would be the best advice that you would give to people that want to achieve their full potential in life.

Michael: Wow!  People, listen!  Really begin to practice look in the mirror every morning and say that person in the mirror “I appreciate you.  I love you just the way you are.”  And you may seem like you are lying to yourself but it begins with you.

I am Superhero.  I am powerful.  Look in the mirror everyday and I guarantee you that you will practice this and before you know it, take it with you.  It is not just the words alone but it is a feeling – I appreciate you.  And it takes time.

So instead to look for somebody out there to love you or to believe in you, you have to begin with you, and that is where it starts.  And as you begin to do that I guarantee you, I am guaranteeing this,  that your life will change, so be ready.

You will attracting different people in your life, you will attract the kind of money you want in your life… you will attract a whole new world, but it is practice.  It is a Superhero practice.  I am sure you say it all the time.  Yes?

Victoria: Yeah, it is a habit that you have to get.  You just have to change habits that are not good for the new ones and yeah…

Michael: Because I see all the pictures that you are doing martial arts and stuff and you are doing things that I say.  You didn’t get there over night, you had to practice, right?

Victoria: Yes!

 Michael: So you are a living example of that.  I really appreciate, you know?  You are being such a powerful example for men and women around the world.

Victoria: Oh, thank you so much.

Michael: I mean… I bow down at you.

Victoria: Oh, thank you.  Thank you.   You know, a lot of people tell me “I am so busy, I don’t really have the time to dedicate to the things that I want to do”,  “I don’t have time for my spiritual aspects or any of these things that I would like to do”, but I believe it is a choice.

I would like for you to share how do you find the time to do the things that you love and to incorporate this things in your everyday life.

Michael: I believe that you have to feel like you deserve it, and that is why you don’t find time to do it, because you don’t think you deserve it.  Because something you feel that you deserve you find time for it.

Funny thing happened, I mean, you saw.  Before I got here, it has been a year and a half since I had a pedicure and a manicure, my fingers were jacked up, my toes were jacked up, I didn’t have time for it.  I said I don’t have time to get a manicure, I don’t have time to get a pedicure, but I was looking at my toes, looking at my fingers… now look at them!

Victoria: Nice!

Michael: Nice!  I deserve this!

Victoria: You do!

Michael: I deserve it.  I would take my shoes off but I don’t have time, my toes are good too!  So it is a feeling.  You have to take time out, I mean, for you.  A lot of people they have kids, they have children, they have a husband to take care… but until you take care of yourself, you know, it is not healthy.

Victoria: I agree…  I have to learn more of that actually, I mean, I love so much what I do, that it is my only focus, you know?  But it is true that sometimes you have to just disconnect and relax.

Michael: You do.  If you love what you do it makes it easy.  Now, I think that if you don’t love what you do you might need to rethink what you are doing.  Because life is short.

Before you know it will be twenty years, you will be twenty, you will be forty, you will be fifty, eighty… you know, so I think that is why you must take time off, because when you look around, before you know it, it will be twenty years later.

You are like “What happened? I didn’t do anything for myself!  I didn’t take time out for myself!

Victoria: I would like to know what is your latest project.

Michael: Wow, my latest project is that I am coming up with a new program called Bullyproof dot me.  Now, what I mean by bullyproof is that I find that a lot of  kids are being bullied.

I was working with some little kids and they were like eight years old and they were talking about they were being bullied at school.  And my project is that I want to do a campaign, I just finished doing a meeting with LAPD and they want to work with me on doing something for the schools.

Bullyproof, is like a bulletproof, bulletproof stop you from being hurt, bullyproof is when you begin to recognize that there is an energy change between the person that is being bullied and the person who is the victim. And so what I am doing is that I am going to expose the bullies.

The true bully is somebody who is afraid.  A bully usually ran what?  In a group.  He usually or she usually pick on someone who is smaller, right?  If you know the characteristic, people who do that are not really brave people.  They are people that are afraid.

In “A course of Miracles” these people have what they call a call for love.  They are calling for love, because they may not be getting it at home.  They are not bad people.  I don’t want anybody to think that a bully is a bad person.  No, this person is very fragile and they are doing this because they are hurting inside.

So once you know that a bully is somebody that is hurting inside…  it is not just little kids, it can be adults, it can be a husband bullying his wife, if you know is people hurting inside, then you can look at them differently.

You don’t look at them being a bad person.  You look at them as a person maybe being afraid but you don’t tell them that they are afraid, you look at them with more compassion, but at the same time you have to look at yourself too as an, why am I attracting this bully?

Victoria: Absolutely!

Michael: And I think that what you are doing is that this way you realize, a Superhero doesn’t walk around with the head like this, if I walk around with my head like this, probably people is going to bully me.  If I am doing like this here…  you know, what do you think?  I can pick on that guy.

But if you walk out with your head up, same think I talk to you about earlier, it is different.  How many times you have been bullied?  Hahaha!  Thank you very much!  It is the way you carry yourself, you know?  And if you saw a bully it doesn’t affect your world at all, because what you are bringing, it is who you are.

Victoria: It is, it is.

Michael: You don’t even attract the bully.  Bullies run the other way around!  Hahaha!

Victoria: Hahaha!

Michael: So, that would be it

Victoria: That is your project.

Michael: That is my project, working on helping people realize the true meaning of what happening.

Victoria: Very important, because these people also have good potential inside.  I think that if we look at them in that way we also give them an opportunity to change and stop being like that.  Very nice!

So now this is for you Superhero!  It is the present that Michael Dyer has for you.

Michael: Are you ready guys?  Alright, check it out.  Get ready, what I have for you as a gift is 25% off the Rope Course.  We have the Rope Course in Culver City, we have in Malibu, so all you need to do is go to VictoriaVives.com and she will hook you up!

So I see you guys in the Rope Course.  Superheros remember this YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU TO DO ANYTHING YOU WANT.  Ok?  Believe that.

Victoria: Awesome!  Yes, it is true.  Thank you so much Michael for being here.

Michael: Thank you.

Victoria: And thank you so much Superhero for watching.  I will be here with more Superhero guests.  Thank you for your Superhero powers!

Michael: Thank you for inviting me, Superhero!

Victoria: Bye!  Hahaha!

Michael: Hahaha!  Bye-bye.

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