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Victoria: Hi!  This is Victoria Vives, and this is Unleash The Superhero In You – Q&A, a series of interviews especially designed to back you up in your Superhero journey.

And today our Superhero guest is Moving Boxes Man.  He is an ECO-Superhero that rescues and resells used cardboard boxes nationwide with  He uses his comic book like character as a tool to raise consciousness and promote natural living, self-sufficiency, gardening, self-defense, and more.

Wow!  Pretty cool!  Thank you for coming here

Moving Boxes Man: Glad to be here! Thank you for having me

Victoria: First of all I would like for you to describe what Eco-Superheroism is.

Moving Boxes Man: Ok, well, it’s adding a new dimension to the normal sort of standard of Superheroism and for it to make sense, let me go piece by piece and break down the words.  Eco means ecological, super means above or beyond, and heroism is generally something courageous that saves or rescues something or someone, so if you put it all together it’s SAVING ECOLOGY WITH SUPERPOWERS THAT ARE DERIVED FROM NATURE.

Victoria: Oh, wow!  That sounds very powerful!  Very cool!  Ok, I would like to know how Eco-Superheroism started, you know, how you started the movement and also, what was the origin.

Moving Boxes Man: Ok, well, if you go back in American culture, there  is a cartoon show called Captain Planet and The Planeteers, and that was probably the first popular cultural icon for what could be called Eco-Superheroism and I was definitively influenced by that when I was a kid.

But myself, my personal story, is that for the last fifteen years I’ve been an Environmental Educator and Activist and I came from the North West and I was kind of on the front lines of environmental defense where I was part of a tree sitting campaign where a bunch of people were living in Ewok like villages which is basically an upper canopy of the old grove forest and that was a way to stop timber sales and to give the environmental lawyers more time to legally be able to put buffers on the clear cuts and stop some of the logging and the timber sales that way.

So that’s kind of my first sort of involvement in heroic courageous acts to be an Ec0-Superhero, but how it kind of evolved into this cartoon character, this comic book character kind of Superhero was that after having gone through that sort of front line experience I brought it . . . came to LA and got it all from the bottom line, which is a way of saying that I got involved in green business and in the economy there is a demand to cut down trees and a big part of that demand is to make cardboard boxes, so it was very synchronistic for me when I came to LA to hook up with a business that was rescuing and reselling used cardboard boxes and lessening the demand for new trees to be cut down.

For me it was a way to kind of bring my background as an activist in like a street theater sort of protestor trying to get attention everybody’s consciousness.  I was able to apply that energy and that creativity to marketing a great product and I would get out in the street and wear a cardboard box outfit and tell people “Hey, save trees, save money, buy boxes used, they’re in great condition” and that sort of evolve over time from just wearing the boxes to actually becoming more of a refined costume that still tells the same story but it has a little more esthetic in the fashion sense that just wearing this cardboard box.  That’s where I’m at today, you know.

Victoria: Very cool!  I would like to know why Eco-Superheroism is more powerful or why it’s different from other Superhero movements or systems or tools?

Moving Boxes Man: Right.  Well, again my background as an eco-educator and someone who is passionate about saving the environment and looking at the causes of the destruction in the environment and the sort of imbalances that have been created that have taken us away from a sense of reverence for nature where we’re connected with natural powers and connected with the healing powers of the Earth, and a lot of the standard superhero tool kit is being muscle bound or being super steroided or testosterone macho agro very male centric view of being powerful.  From my training in environmentalism and ecology, there is definitely a need for balance and holistic sense of integrating different types of energy.

One of the things that I promote as an eco-superhero is the integration of feminine energy and the Earth Goddess type of energy and to connect with that.  Basic divine creative and regenerative.  I think it’s  a good distinction to make between concepts of force and the concept of power.

There’s no good or bad it’s not that women are good and men are bad or vice versa.  It’s that in partnership we can create wonderful things together but when there’s an imbalance of force it can lead to mass scale destruction, warfare, slavery, and conquest of nature and of people and the lands.  Rebalancing those energies is going to be a very important and powerful way to save the Earth.

In the 21st century we need to look into the past and find in our tribal histories the points where we have been more in balance with the Earth, with animals and between the feminine and masculine energies.  There’s definitely more power to be had in balance and harmony and equality in those realms than there is to just have more machines and more guns and more muscles and more domination.

Victoria: Hmm yeah, very good about the balance, very important!  How can Eco-superheroism help our viewers on their journey to become Superheroes, and also evolve their inner and outer aspects?

Moving Boxes Man: Well, I spoke of the more philosophical and conception framework that I’m coming from so to make it more practical and something that is just hands on, the main thing that I would advocate is making a connection to nature in some way so that you can have the strength and wisdom and insight from that fuel of natural intelligence so that you can go out and live your daily life.  My career in business is to be a Superhero so it’s what I do 24/7 you know?  But if your career is not necessarily doing something to protect nature or  protect the environment, you can still be eco-superheroic in your office by buying green products or by recycling where you’re at and just keeping that consciousness and doing things like eating organic food, growing your own fruits and vegetables if you can, if you have a backyard.  You be composting, you can be doing all kinds of things to just have more connection with the Earth in your daily life.  That will help you evolve your inner and outer aspects by finding ways that you can make that connection, whether or not it’s a career, you can always find ways.

Victoria: Yes, absolutely.  I would like to know what was the best advice that you were given and that you still remember that turned your life in the right direction.

Moving Boxes Man: I think that the best advice that I’ve received  that I’ve most cherished, it’s two bits of advice.  One has been to read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and the other was to read the book The Chalice and the Blade by Rheanne Isler.  Those two books have had the most profound transformative effects on my life and my understanding of the Earth and humanity and our history on the Earth and the ways that we can again find the balance with the Earth.

Victoria: Very cool, I have to check it out!  What would be the best advice that you can give to people that want to achieve their full potential, and live a very optimal life?

Moving Boxes Man: I think really focusing on your body and having a nurturing relationship with your body and realizing that we’re not separate from the environment.  To maximize your full potential using the concepts of Eco-heroism, you could say, I know it’s a mouthful, but really realizing the fact that there is really no separate environment.

We are part of the environment.  Our body is an environment.  It’s an environment for our cells to live in.  It’s an environment for beneficial bacteria to live in.  It’s also an environment for pathogens, fungus, viruses, bad bacteria, all that kind of stuff.  Because we are so disconnected from Nature as a culture, we don’t see that we are nature.  We’re basically a walking ocean of life and our own DNA and the DNA of tons of other organisms.

Starting there and realizing that to maximize your full potential, you really need to be an environmental activist for your own body and for your own health and that means having a non-toxic body.   You need to clear the pollution out of your body.  You need to stay hydrated and you need to eat organic foods and you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and really have a connection to the food that you eat.

That’s, again, why its great to be growing your food as much as can because you know what goes into it.  Everyone knows you are what you eat so the more connection you have with that and to your body the greater the super powers that you can have by taking care of your body and putting more natural things into it.

Victoria: I really like what you said about the ocean of different DNA.  That’s very very powerful and profound.  I like it!  Well a lot of people tell me that they don’t have time to follow their passions because they have to work or other things.  I would like to know how you incorporate in your everyday life the things that you want.  The time to make the improvements in your life that you want and follow your passions.

Moving Boxes Man: My personal superhero is Bruce Lee.  He was Kato and he played a superhero as Kato in The Green Hornet and he also played a heroic character in all of his movies, but he was also very true to his characters.  His wife would say that he was the same on and off screen pretty much.  It really was his way of life and his way.

I’ve studied Jeet Kune Do I’ve read Bruce Lee’s book the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and I’ve also read a book called The Art of Expressing the Human Body that goes into all of his training regimens and how disciplined he was.  Reading that and having him as a sort of standard to look up to for myself, I realized that you can pack so much more into a day.

He was multi-tasking in ways that . . . you know . . . we think we’re multitasking now having all these gadgets and stuff but he was watching TV, reading a book, editing videos, stretching, and lifting weights at the same time.  It’s so cool and I really aspire to achieve some of the things he did.  I recommend that, if you’re a fan of Bruce Lee, don’t just watch the movies and think, “Oh, that’s something that I can’t attain.”

He really wanted to show people how to do what he was doing and he really wanted to express himself honestly and to leave behind a legacy that people could follow and take in their own direction.  Finding time to do things it’s really a matter of how much self discipline you have and how much you really want your results.  If anybody can prove that you can really achieve a lot, it’s Bruce Lee and I definitely recommend studying what he left behind for us because it’s a lot of stuff and it’s great.

Victoria: Very cool.  Well you know that I’m also in Jeet Kune Do, so we’re all in the same.  What is your latest project?

Moving Boxes Man: My latest Eco-superhero project is . . . as I’ve started to do some webisodes with the YouTube channel, I’ve started to document different projects going on.  Some of them are things that I’ve started or other people’s projects but I’m working on what’s called permaculture design of a backyard where there’s doing more than just a typical garden where you would have . . . even if you were just doing a normal organic garden a lot of times you’re going to just plant stuff in one flat horizontal plain and you’re going to have to, pretty much, babying that system.

You’re going to have to be taking care of the plants like babies.  You’re not really giving them the environment that they need to grow and to mature into a healthy self sustaining ecosystem and that’s what permaculture is.  It’s a way to replicate natural processes so that your creating an en edible type of food forest type of concept where you’re replicating the different layers and zones that you can see operating in a forest instead of it being trees that you can’t eat the fruits of or vine that you can’t eat whatever grows from it.

It’s replicating those different layers and zones so that you can have an integrated system that you can eat everything that it produces.  It’s very exciting and I’m going to documenting the implementation of that process step by step so that people can see it.  To me, that’s what’s going to save the world.

Victoria: Wow, can’t wait to see that.  So cool! When do you think it’s going to be out?

Moving Boxes Man: Well I think we’ll probably release segments of it.  Just the other day I took footage of me doing sort of martial arts training with a shovel, digging in dirt and getting a major workout from it.  So I’ll probably put that out and do some farming/gardening workout videos, you know, martial arts.

Victoria: I look forward to see it!

Moving Boxes Man: Yeah!

Victoria: Awesome!  Thank you Moving Boxes Man.  Thank you for being here with us…

Moving Boxes Man: Thank you.  Alright!

Victoria: And thank you Superhero for watching. This was Unleash The Superhero In You Q&A and this is Victoria Vives.

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