Victoria Vives - Valentine's Day!Hello Friends! I want to wish you an amazing Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate romantic love, motherly love, self-love… LOVE itself is something to celebrate always. On that note, I want to celebrate Valentine’s with my beloved husband who is the world to me 😍

For the last 284 days, I have posted daily across a TON of platforms online, lol, seriously, A TON of them. I absolutely loved to connect with each of you and create content for you or just saying hi to you and hear what you are up to. So rewarding!! At the same time, it has taken a whole lot of energy and time away from my beloved and even from my me-time. To add to this, this year I thought it would be amazing to create one video per day at on top of the other platforms, and I did so and I absolutely loved it!!! Until guess what, I got sick with fever and it became harder to keep up. I did keep it up but being myself a Libra that learns by extremes, this made me question what I was doing.

It is so interesting how things flow in our lives. The feminine force within me (instead the masculine force within me, go go go) has been calling strongly from all fronts in the last few months (I will share more about this soon) and then this happened. So I am going to listen and I am going to answer that call. I will still be very present online but I need to rethink to which extent.

So I am super excited to just have a private day with my husband on Valentine’s, lol! Remember that I love you LOTS and that you are super important for me, SUPER IMPORTANT! So I will be back soon 😍 I LOVE YOU!!

Wishing you an amazing Valentine’s! ✨💖✨

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