Today I woke up to my daily mastermind call and I had clear my purpose for the day.  It wasn’t an action, it wasn’t a list of tasks, it wasn’t even a tangible outcome that could be completed to pass on to the next thing.  My objective was Playing –  a –  Bigger – Game.  Wait, cross that out, Playing – THE – biggest – Game.  Yes, that’s it!  Not in the sense that I want to have a bigger business or position in life, but a larger, more purposeful, more real and absolutely meaningful everyday experience and active participation in our Universe, starting right where I stand.  Right here right now.

Victoria Vives Khuong - Eternal

I felt determined to live my day from the perspective of eternity.   To think of everything I do as another step among the eternal sum of my experiences.  To consider how the feelings I evoke in my day, or my response to what I encounter, would contribute to my eternal “I AM”.

Throughout the day, I asked myself, “Am I focused on creating my expanded expression?  A more precise vision of what joy means for me in eternal terms?”  or “Am I adapting to the requirements of assumed obligations for this limited time space?  Am I going to make decisions because of love or because of fear?”

Well, I bet you know the answer by now.

Jumping into the void to discover new pathways as I fall has been my specialty.  However, this is different.  I feel the support of unlimited power now, just by choosing to live from the perspective of an eternal point of consciousness – nearly undescribable!

So, whether you believe  that a part of you is eternal or not, take this journey, just for today.  Do it just for fun, play vampires or something, or use it as a suggestion to keep yourself expanded and open, grandiose!  Be a god at least for a day or two.

What would you do today assuming that you are eternal?  What is the real transcendental meaning of each event or choice in your day when you consider the whole picture?  Are you just laying a brick or creating a castle through your actions?

I know, I know, we are made of…  flesh and bones?   I wouldn’t be so sure.   Beyond, deep inside, we are Energy.  It might not be easy to get your thoughts around it, but it is about time we embrace the idea that that’s what we are — EN-ER-GY.  If we are energy, we are eternal.  Einstein put it very clear – “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only conserved and transformed, from one form to another”.

How do your actions RIGHT NOW, contribute to your whole being?  You know that there is more than meets the eye?  How are you maximizing the benefits of those hidden factors?

Abraham-Hicks said that you are not creating the car you want, you are creating yourself driving that car, improving the version of yourself.  What does having that car (or whatever it is) mean for you as an eternal being?  What is the real reason behind your desire?  Maybe you want more excitement in your life?  Do you want more freedom?   More status?  Recognition?

Victoria Vives Khuong - Eternal-1

A car, in the eternal scheme of things, might soon become old and outdated, so there has to be something else to it.  Is the car a tool for you to feel, experience and focus on more excitement, freedom, status, recognition?  Wow, this is a whole new level of thinking.  These are assets that give me chills!

Excitement, freedom, status and recognition are things to live for that will stay with you forever.  So if the car helps you feel that way, go for it!  Go with the awareness of what it means for you in the big picture, so you will enjoy the journey to it.  In the meantime, knowing what it represents for you, start enjoying that right now, in different ways.  Find something that gets you closer to that feeling, some stepping stones to evoke that a similar experience, until the car becomes the next natural and logical step.

living in this way is like a game and if you play it, more happiness is assured everyday.  More people will be drawn to you and more people will support the achievement of your dreams.  You will enjoy more friends, more business, more love…

When I see business people trying to be very responsible, strict and sacrificing, or when I see people trying to get fit through suffering and such, I just wish they would focus more on enjoying the present moment.  Live for happiness now rather than sell your soul to the never arriving future.

It is always now.  When tomorrow comes, you will experience it in the present.  Make the present count, because the NOW is eternal.

So… what are you going to do today to live from this space of being an eternal?  What is your next stepping stone towards your more immediate dream?  How can you, right now, be more of who you want to be, feel more of what you want to feel?


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