Bruce Lee was one of the greatest human being expressions on the planet, and I say “expression” because THERE lies the difference.  We all have that inner potential, however, very few develop what you could call an elevated level of consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, higher frequency of vibration, or any other set of words that could represent magic of that caliber.

He, as Jesus, Einstein, Buddha, and other fantastic superheroes in our history who achieved a massive amount of clarity in their lives inspired all of us with their vision.

HINT:  There was something that they shared with us in many occasions and that is key for our personal mastery, so here it comes:  it is not about us following them and what they discovered, but more about looking inside ourselves until expressing that same gift that they had but in our unique way.

Einstein’s way wasn’t martial arts, neither Bruce Lee‘s was Physics, and I am sure you are as grateful as I am that they both followed different paths and thus brought out different and unique gifts as their contribution to our collective experience.

Victoria Vives Khuong - Eyes.1

You love martial arts?  Good!  Learn as much as you can from martial arts teachers.  You love Sciences?  Awesome.  Do the same in that field.  Bathing yourself in the light of what other teachers shine will get you closer to your inner gift.  It will activate your path of inner power.

That is the inspiration from the outside, but make a decision and be determined to bring out what is inside of you which might be somehow similar but certainly different.

There is something that has been sweetly calling you, something that all of us, the world, would love to experience through you: THAT UNIQUE ASPECT that only YOU can bring about, for us to be a WHOLE world.  As I mentioned before, a body with only hearts and no lungs, eyes, legs, etc. won’t function as a whole, so same with the world, we need all functions to be covered.  We need YOU.

The time is NOW for you to be who you really are.  We’ve been looking for the real YOU to be expressed.  YOU are WANTED.  So BE it

Victoria Vives

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