Before I get started, I will ask a simple question: Are you a holistic being or a mechanical group of parts?

I’ll give it out fast, because you already know it – YOU ARE A HOLISTIC BEING and acknowledging this is key to achieving massive Superhero-like health. Yes, a radiant and brilliant Superhero awaits within you, but how do you unleash it? How can you tap into your full power and enjoy, along other things, massive health? Read on…

Victoria Vives Khuong - Superheroism

We are entering a new era. It’s the time for our inner wisdom to shine over any outer input. The time for our personalized guidance to prevail. Earlier concepts regarding health and how to maintain it have changed considerably. We now know, or at least we are getting to know, how drugs, surgery and other drastic solutions used to fix health problems might not be the most effective path to take. Our body has inherent wisdom to remain in wellness but, is this a new knowledge? Why are we not using it? Are we ready to fully embrace this way of living and enjoy longevity? And I am not talking about poor longevity, but about long years of health and strength, if we choose to.


This knowledge isn’t new, however, it is taking a while for our Western culture to fully embrace it and understand the power of our inner resources. Our awareness of how we are whole and complete only depends on our inner connection with our higher self. Our ticket to the real and tangible Superhero experience!

I am surprised to remember that my aunt, a psychology graduate, told me long ago how cutting off a mental problem we have by suppressing it without resolving its roots, would just be a temporary fix. The problem would remain inside and appear in a different way if not properly resolved. What we didn’t think about at that time was that it not only applied to psychological issues, but to physical issues as well, since both the physical and psychological are expressions of one same vibration – WHO WE ARE.

Abraham-Hicks has been speaking for the last twenty years of how any illness is nothing but the physical manifestation of our inner vibration, our thoughts and beliefs. We can fight the conditions that are present at the moment, but they are just the product of our past thoughts, and until we change our current vibration, the problem will persist, showing up in one way or another.

In one of Abraham-Hicks lectures they speak of how the cells of our body are always communicating with their vibrational counterpart, always reaching for alignment with source. That is their focus – readily open to receive their super-cool-wellness-experience.

On the contrary, we, humans, are more focused about our alignment with other humans and what others think about us or expect from us. We are also conditioned by our fears and preoccupations. This brings us stress (dis-ease) and it is the only thing that gets in the way of that brilliant cellular communication. As the captains of our ship, if we don’t allow wellness, wellness can’t reach our cells, so recovery might become difficult. We then try to find last minute patches for our situation (take this pill, cut this part…), but they are not the real solutions to a holistic body, only a solution to a mechanical group of parts. We are more than that. We need to get to the roots, then the fruit will transform.


Eastern philosophies have known this all along. My husband, as an Acupuncturist, very well knows that Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine were actually used to maintain health (prevent disease before it appears, rather than to cure it once it is there). And recently, a friend mentioned how Chinese doctors used to get paid to keep people healthy. If someone got ill, the physician would receive no pay. So you can see how different the concept was from our current medical industry.

One of the ways, perhaps the most popular and powerful way that people in Eastern communities have used for releasing stress and allowing and maintaining wellness, has been meditation. It can’t get any cheaper and accessible than that. Thanks to the intention of stopping our incessant current of habitual thinking, by focusing on our heartbeat, our breathing, or on positive, relaxing and empowering thoughts, we allow ourselves to function in harmony with the Universe, with our inner nature, with the asking of each of our cells so that they, always open to receive, can enjoy their deserved wellness anytime they ask for it. In that way, with our trillions of cells rejoicing in wellness, we will experience true ever-growing health.


Western Medicine has a place but, as it stands, it is not THE way. As a primary resource for health and wellbeing, you can tap into the unlimited resources that already lie within you and are yours by birthright – Your Superpowers.

To the Superhero in you!

– Victoria Vives

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