ROAAAAR!!! Good Morning Friends!

I went to the Wild to purify myself from the sea of sometimes pointless battles (stress, noise, traffic, disconnection from our true empowerment…) and to bathe in the primal life that runs through mountains and rivers, connected to the Elements, the Plant People, the Animal People, the Rock People, and of course, with awesome Human People, Nhan-Esteban, Jim Robertson and others… I feel now recharged and back in FULL STRENGTH.

Sometimes I forget that I AM WILD and that I get empowered by the protection that only Nature can grant and transfer to each of my cells, deep into my soul…


I felt called to gather some plant medicines and soon enough, I understood why! Shortly after returning to the city, I woke up in the middle of the night with inflamed tonsils. I remember an old friend told me that you don’t normally get sick up in the mountains but only when you come back into the city where the bacteria thrives. I felt so fortunate to know how to restore balance naturally with herbs and basic ingredients at home and… in the morning, I felt renewed and with my tonsils back to normal! YAYY!!!

I will be teaching the popular Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine classes again with Nhan-Esteban Khuong in 2016, this time within a Plant Medicine Certification course that includes classes on Herbal Poultices, Aromatherapy, Medicinal Food Recipes and Wines, Hydrosols and so much more!!!! We will also have the immense honor to have Jim Robertson co-teaching again in some of the classes.

Join us and reconnect with nature and the healing wisdom of our Ancestors.

Plant Medicine Certification

Plant Medicine Certification

So yes, I am back in town and I love technology, internet, computers, and such because I LOVE to connect with you, so I feel now balance and new harmony. So I will be answering some of the messages, emails, etc. etc. soon (the ones I can locate and get to, so many at this moment!).

And now… DO THE ROAR!!!! ROAAAARRRRRRR!!! Hahahaha!!!! (Inside joke if you have seen Shrek 🙂 )

Much Love <3


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