Victoria Vives - Happy International Women's Day 2020!!!Happy International Women’s Day 2020!!!

International Women’s Day was born out of the socialist movement in 1917 and adopted by the feminist movement 1967. As an important focal point of the women’s rights movement, the campaign theme this year is #EachforEqual

Oh my, can I relate to this! And, at the same time, I am excited to add a twist to this equation.

To give you some background (which you might already know if you have read my bestseller “In a Matter of Seconds”) I grew up in dictatorial Spain with a single mom, aunt and grandmother, with no man under the roof and then attended an all girl school.

This could have been unique and amazing because of the nurturing energy that women can bring, except that in our dictatorial society there was no equality in rights. We lived under a chauvinistic ultra conservative regime where a woman’s highest aspiration was to be a good wife and serve her husband.

Well, not me! I grew up to be a highly rebellious female wanting to show the world that I could be as strong as any man! And so I did…

However, I forgot an important aspect. I became a tomboy and a workaholic and I lost much of my feminine joy and essence that could have nurtured others and, most importantly, that could have nurtured myself.

It took decades to heal this. I will share more about this on Thursday in my YouTube channel because, if you are a female who wants to identify as feminine, I want to save you this heartache and support you in having equal rights while holding a deep remembrance of the juiciness of being a woman, embracing your feminine voice and your feminine force and mighty power within.

With LOVE, equality, femininity, and the awesome energy of the Full Moon tomorrow ❤️

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