Uncover the blocks to women’s sexual desire to start your journey toward the Ecstatic Experience.

The Ecstatic Woman Experience is for all women who want a more fulfilling life, leaving the struggle behind and claiming a life of profound intimacy, romance, and connection.

* Rise from a state of Depletion to a state of Blooming: Learn how to manage the stresses and expectations of modern culture by prioritizing your unique femininity and flourish as a woman.
* Heal Sexual Trauma and Numbness and invite True Intimacy: Identify and resolve the pain and fear holding you back from deep connection.
* Overcome Body Shame and embrace Authentic Self Love: Appreciate your uniqueness and get to know yourself, through your body, like never before!
* Transform Sexual Guilt into Sexual Wholeness: Tear down the old paradigm and rebuild a powerful foundation of values that promote love, respect, and healthy sexuality.
* Resolve the feeling of Isolation with the support of your Sisterhood: You are never alone in our powerful family of women who understand you and share your journey.

Learn more at https://VictoriaVives.com/EcstaticWoman

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